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Schaeffer's Transmission Fluids

Schaeffer manufactures a number of specialty torque converter and transmission fluid products. All of these products utilize top-of-the-line additive packages that allow them to significantly outperform conventional fluids.

You can purchase Schaeffer's Oil products in store, with your credit card through the buy links below, or you can give us a call at 314-842-6800 and can help you out.

#204 ALL-TRANS Supreme Automatic Transmission Fluid ALL-TRANS Supreme Auto. Trans. Fluid
Schaeffer's 0204 SAT ALL-TRANS® Supreme Automatic Transmission Fluid starts with the latest innovative technology in base stocks and additives. ALL-TRANS® Supreme is a full synthetic transmission fluid formulated with a highly specialized additive package containing superior antioxidants, antiwear agents, detergents, defoamers, friction modifiers and lubricity agents.

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